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Our Story

How It Began...


Jeff Vom Thomas Rottweilers (breeders) began in 2007 with Jeff's love of Rotties. He thoroughly researched the breed, made connections with the Rottweiler community, and began his breeding business. Qualities like patience, love and understanding is how Jeff became a "dog whisperer". Maxi needed a home (an older female Rottie with behavioral issues) and Jeff opened his heart and home to her, and before long, Maxi had overcome these behavioral issues and was a loving part of the family. This opened the door "literally" to raising more rotties, breeding them, and eventually winning awards at dog shows. This was Jeff's dream come true.

Dave and Carrie Trevor met Jeff in 2014 when they were looking for a Rottweiler for their family. As a child, Dave's family had 2 Rotties named Joey and Cody. When Dave was an adult and had his own home, he decided we wanted Rotties and named them Magnum and Duke. The Trevor family kept growing with kids and more Rotties - Titan and then Altas joined the family 2 years later. We couldn't be happier with our Rotties (thanks to Von Thomas Rottweilers). The friendship with the Trevor family and Jeff Von Thomas has continued through the years. 


In 2022, Jeff and Dave began collaborating on building a state of the art kennel sourcing premium award winning European Rottweilers. Jeff’s knowledge and expertise with Dave’s passion for the breed has formed Titanium Rottweilers.

Carrie Trevor of Titanimum Rottweiler Breeders
Carrie Trevor of Titanium Rottweilers Breeders

Our mission and philosophy

Titanium Rottweilers specializes in elite show quality dogs bred from award-winning Rottweilers out of Germany and Europe. We are extremely passionate about the health and well-being of our dogs after they leave our kennel. The mission of Titanium Rottweilers is to provide top quality Rottweilers for in-home environments or indoor kennels for Owner's who are enthusiastic about this loyal, protective, fun-loving breed.

Please understand that no puppy will be placed without a completed application and vetting of the home environment. Please research the breed before placement. Titanium Rottweilers' reserves the right to deny placement of any puppy during the application process. 


If you should find yourself unable to care for a dog from our kennel, please surrender the dog to us. No questions asked. Refunds may be available. Selling or sharing of our dogs is not permitted. Our top priority is the welfare of our dogs. 

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